York Place Edinburgh

James Nasmyth Inventor

James Nasmyth born 47 York Place Edinburgh in 1808 became a Scottish engineer famed for inventing the steam hammer in 1842 and many other engineering firsts in his foundry in Manchester. He produced many tools and steam engines. His father Alex was a renowned Scottish artist. 

Alexander Nasmyth Artist

Alexander Nasmyth born in 1758 in Edinburgh live at 47 York Place and was said to be the father of Scottish Landscape Painting. He Studied under Allan Ramsay and as a friend of Robert Burns was fortunate enough to be the only one to paint a portrait of Robert Burns that exists today.

 The Home of Alexander Nasmyth and his son James Nasmyth 47 York Place Edinburgh  James Nasmyth 47 York Place Edinburgh

Sir Henry Raeburn Art Studio

Sir Henry Raeburn was a portrait painter and was born in Stockbridge Edinburgh in 1756 and died in Stockbridge Edinburgh 1823. He built Raeburn house, his Studio at 32 York Place, this was where he painted, from 1795 – 1809. He was knighted in 1822 by King George IV and is recognised as Scotland’s most famous portrait painter. His best known work being “The Skating Minister” The Rev. Robert Walker of the Canongate Kirk skating on Duddingston Loch. The painting is in the National Gallery of Scotland. The main street in Stockbridge being Raeburn Place named after the painter near where he was born and also died. He is buried is in St Cuthbert’s Graveyard in Lothian Road.

  Raeburn House York Place Edinburgh

 Sir Henry Raeburn Statue York Place Studio   Sir Henry Raeburn Raeburn House Art Studio York Place Edinburgh   Sir Henry Raeburn art studio york place edinburgh inscription In this house built by him Sir Henry Raeburn painter from 1795 to 1809


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