West Bow Edinburgh

The West Bow Edinburgh is a street with retail stores, pubs,night clubs and restaurants,starting from the east end of the Grassmarket and winding up to George IV Bridge. There are steps on the north side that connect to Castlehill and the Royal Mile. Victoria Street is a continuation of the West Bow which was created circa 1835 with demolition of many houses. The Bow had many well known residents one of which was a Major Weir who everyone thought was a wizard and madman. He was burned at Greenside and many were convinced he haunted the Bow and many sightings were written about. His house was left vacant for many years and when a old soldier and his wife took up residence on the first night they awoke to the sight of a ghostly figure and and left the property the next day and the house lay empty for circa 50 years before it was demolished. Lord Ruthven also was a resident of the West Bow, known as the man who was first to stab David Rizzio Mary Queen of Scots secretary before other joined in and Lord Darnley Mary Queen of Scots husband dealt the final blow. This took place in the Palace of Holyrood House on the 9th of  March 1566.

 West Bow from the Grassmarket   West Bow leading to Victoria Street  West Bow Steps leading to Upper Bow and Castlehill

Old Door entrance to building with inscription that reads; God for al his gifts 1616

Remains of a doorway to a property of 1616

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