Warriston’s Close High Street Edinburgh

Warriston’s Close named after Lord Warriston who lived in the close, as  did Sir Thomas Craig of Riccarton. William and Robert Chambers who lived in Writers’ Close on the west side of Warriston’s Close were just a few of the famous residents. The previous name of  the close were Bruce’s Close after Robert Bruce of Stirling who lived here in 1566. Access to Warriston Close can also be gained from Roxburgh’s Close. Thee other more famous close which can be accessed from Warriston’s Close is Real Mary King’s Close. This close can only be accessed from the attraction as this is an underground street and possibly buried when the plague was at its height.  

  Warriston's Close and Writers' Court   Warriston's Close Royal Mile High Street  and Writers Court Edinburgh 

The doorway to writers Court with the initials of William and Robert Chambers and date of 1851. The Chambers brothers were famous Edinburgh publishers and had clients such as Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. they published magazines and the Encyclopedia Britannica plus many other famous publications. 

Warriston's Close and Writers' Court Warriston's Close and Writers' Court   


John Knox Manse High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

The site of John Knox’s Manse can be found in Warriston’s Close. Go in the Archway marked  Warriston’s Close and Writer’s Court and turn left and down steps and you will see the plaque next to a black door. Other people who lived here are Sir Archibald Johnston (Lord Warriston) 1611 -1663, who named the Close. As the naming of closes and land (tenements) was usually done by the owners.   

Warriston's Close Royal Mile Edinburgh John Knox House



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