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Visit Scotland and begin in Edinburgh a transport hub for all destinations around Scotland. Highlands, Islands, Lothians and Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, Argyll and Bute Pert and Kinross and Central Scotland, all have wonderful scenery hundreds of years of history, Castles and Palaces and Whisky Distilleries. Visit Scotland and Visit Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland is also the transport hub of Scotland with everything a visitor to the country will need. There are trains, planes and buses, or rent a car, motor bike, bicycle, boat or mobile home to the destinations of your choice see Scotland for yourself. With the maps on this site you can see what most locals have never got around to. There are many areas in Scotland see the links below for a look at what is available.

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These are the main areas of Scotland from east to west and north to south Scotland has 78,780 km² (30,420 sq miles) of beauty and history with 10,000 km of coastline circa 130 inhabited islands and over one hundred and twenty Whisky Distilleries are licensed to produce Whisky.


Alcohol has been around since the Egyptians were building the Pyramids, giving the workers beer and bread to help them through the hot days. Wine has also been known to be in existence for up to 10,000 years through religious scripts. It is not known when Whisky was first made but records of distillation are shown from the 11th century. The first written record of whisky was in 1494.  The name whisky originally from the Gaelic “Uisge Beatha”, meaning ‘water of life’. In 1644 the Scottish Government imposed a tax on whisky and in 1707 after the union of Scotland and England a malt tax was introduced on the 23 June 1725 which caused riots over Scotland, this indirectly increased the cost of making whisky, as malt is the main ingredient. In 1824 George Smith the originator of the Glenlivet whisky was the first to gain a legal licence to distil whisky when the English government introduced a law to legalise the production of whisky. The oldest bottlers of whisky are Cadenhead’s who have been bottling whisky since 1824.

Whisky and all alcoholic drinks are restricted to persons of over 18 years and should not be consumed by anyone younger.

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Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland, see where the people lived that shaped the world. Medicine, Technology,  Authors, Poets, Architects, Painters, Artists, Sculptors, Mathematicians, Inventors, Brewers and Distillers and one or two Chefs. From the home of Golf, the bagpipes, Haggis and Tartan Castles, Harry Potter, Braveheart and Outlander Edinburgh and Scotland have touched the world.

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