Upper Bow and West Bow Edinburgh

The Upper Bow was part of the West Bow which was a steep road that linked the Grassmarket to Castlehill see diagram below.

The Upper Bow now ends at Victoria Terrace which is a balcony walkway that is above the old West Bow. There are steps that will take you down to the West Bow and Victoria Street. The yellow line on the map Below shows where the West Bow originally stood. The broken lines show the present road layout with the Upper Bow, West Bow and Johnston Terrace, Castlehill, Ramsy Lane, Ramsay Garden, Mound Place, Mound, North Bank Street, Bank Street , George IV Bridge, Lawnmarket, St Giles Street and High Street.

West Bow


  The first picture shows the West Bow from the Grassmarket / second picture is the West Bow to Victoria Street on the Left near to the scaffolding are the steps to the Upper Bow and Castlehill see picture 3 / picture 4 is the steps at the foot of the Upper Bow that take you to the West Bow, Victoria Street and Grassmarket / picture 5 is the Upper Bow at the junction of Castlehill, Lawnmarket and Johnston Terrace. 

                 West Bow from Grassmarket   |      West Bow to Victoria Street    |     West Bow Steps To Upper Bow and Castlehill                       

 West Bow from the Grassmarket Edinburgh   West Bow continuing on to Victoria Street and George IV Bridge Edinburgh  West Bow Steps leading to Upper Bow and Castlehill West Bow from the Grassmarket Edinburgh      

       The Upper Bow from Castlehill Edinburgh  | The Upper Bow Steps to Victoria Street and West Bow | Johnston Terrace Edinburgh

 Upper Bow from Castlehill and Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh  Upper Bow steps to West Bow and Grassmarket Edinburgh  Johnston Terrace from Upper Bow and Castlehill Edinburgh  


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