Torphichen West Lothian Scotland

Cairnpapple Hill

Cairnpapple Hill in West Lothian between Bathgate and Torphichen is said to be the most important mainland archaeological site in Scotland. Cairnpapple is said to have been a centre of worship and burial for over 3000 years. The Cairnpapple site was found in 1947 and excavated over the next year by Stuart Piggott who had been offered the Abercromby Chair in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh the year before. This was said to be one of his greatest digs a great Neolithic find and a place well worth a visit. It is in a field so take a change of footwear can be muddy getting to the site.

Scottish Korean War Memorial

 The British Korean War Memorial is Pagoda Shrine and Arboretum of 1,114 native Scottish trees one for every man who died in the Korean conflict. The Shrine has the names of all 1114 who died. The memorial was created by British Korean War Veterans Association as a tribute to the memory of their fallen comrades and it is the only one in the United Kingdom dedicated to the Korean War of its kind. Situated on a hill with a view of the Firth of Forth with seating so visitors can take time to reflect. West Lothian Council maintain the memorial as the veterans Association is now closed.