The Vennel Edinburgh

The Vennel is an Alleyway from the Grassmarket that joins to Heriot Place and exits at Lauriston Place. There are a number of residence on the steps on both sides and it then opens up to the west and on the east is the Flodden Wall and a tower where it is joined to the Telfer Wall which continues to Lauriston Place the wall was the city boundary and all to the west was outside the protection of the City Wall (Flodden Wall). The Flodden Wall Was built 1513 and the Telfer Wall circa 1630, was added later to protect Heriot’s Hospital (School) from invasion. John Taillefer was the stone mason in charge of building the wall which it is named after.

 The Vennel at West Port and Grassmarket Edinburgh

 The Vennel West Port Gate Grassmarket    The Vennel Route of Flodden Wall 

The Tower and Joining Place of the Flodden and Telfer Walls Edinburgh

  Tower on Flodden Wall   flodden wall and joining point at telfer wall   flodden wall at telfer wall 

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