Stevenlaw’s Close Royal Mile High Street Edinburgh

Stevenlaw's Close Royal Mile High Street Edinburgh

Little is known about this Close as it was demolished due to Edinburgh’s Great Fire of 1824 when the south side of the high street was almost all completely burned in the fire. The fire started in a tenement in Old Fishmarket Close and spread quickly down to the Cowgate and to the Tron Kirk. The Blaze lasted over two days and hundreds of families were made homeless. It is said the close was named after a follower of Queen Mary in 1571 who she honoured with the Close being given his name Steven Law. Over time names were changed due to miss spelling. Outside Stevenlaw’s Close on the High Street stood the Town Guards House which was demolished in 1817. On the cobbles opposite the Close can be seen the outline of the City Guards House in Brass Cobbles.

Stevenlaw's Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh  



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