St Leonards Area Edinburgh

Hermits Termits House was built by William Clifton a solicitor of Excise, another resident of note was William Bell Scott (1811–90) was a Scottish poet, painter, art critic, was born in Hermits Termits St Leonard’s Edinburgh. The initials on the crest C under the crown for Clifton W for William and the M for Mary and 1734 was when the house was built. William Clifton was a descendent of  Sir Gervase Clifton “the Gentle”  who was at Pinkie Cleugh in 1547.

 Hermits Termits 64 Hermits Croft Edinburgh  

Waterloo 1815 Memorial Edinburgh

This monument to the memory of the Battle at Waterloo 1815, in a square neglected, stands outside Hermits Termits House built by William Clifton 1734 and where the Scots Poet William Bell Scott was born in 1811.

Jeanie Deans Tryst St Leonard’s Bank

Jeanie Deans is a fictional character in Sir Walter Scott’s novel The Heart of Midlothian. The Cottage is now gone but a plaque is on the wall near to the site of where the cottage once stood.

Holyrood Distillery

The Holyrood Distillery and Visitor Centre is based on the southside of Edinburgh beside Arthur Seat in the St Leonard’s area of Edinburgh.

This is the first Edinburgh city centre distillery to produce in over 200 years when Edinburgh was a hive of distilleries and breweries.

The Holyrood Distillery is house in the old railway building built circa 1830.  “The Innocent Railway” Edinburgh’s first railway.

This will be the first distillery to produce a single malt whisky in circa 100 years. The Holyrood Distillery has a high quality experienced team with decades of distilling behind them.

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