Shetland Islands

Shetland has signs that there was a settlement in Neolithic times circa 3000BC. The Picts arrived prior to the Vikings when they  invaded circa  800AD. Shetland became part of Scotland in 1471 after being ruled by the Norse for 100s of years. 50More than % of the men of Shetland can trace there ancestry to Norway. 


Mousa Broch 

A Broch is Iron Age roundhouse found only in Scotland,  Mousa Broch is the most well preserved Broch of all. Constructed circa 300 BC, it stands 40 feet high (13m). 


The settlement of Jarlshof is most certainly the best archaeological site in Scotland. With evidence of artefacts from 2500BC Buildings from      Neolithic times,  Bronze Age, Iron Age, in the 9th and 13th centuries a true map of time and evelution. 

Old Scatness

Iron Broch and Village unearthed when construction was taking place for a road to the airport. See how the Picts lived circa 300BC.