Selkirk Scottish Borders

Selkirk Mercat Cross

selkirk marcat cross

Selkirk Mercat Cross Memorial Plaque

Selkirk Mercat Cross Memorial Plaque

Sir Walter Scott Statue Selkirk

Sir Walter Scott Statue Selkirk

Selkirk Court Room

Known as Sir Walter Scott Court Room

This is the courthouse that Sir Walter Scott work in when Sheriff of Selkirk for 33 years. The present court house and spire were completed by 1805 to replace the old Tolbooth which was built circa 1510. The Tolbooth was an administrative centre and jail.

Walter Scott Court Rom Selkirk

Halliwell’s House Museum

Halliwell’s House is the oldest building in Selkirk and is used as a museum.

Mungo Park Memorial Statue

Mungo Park Statue Selkirk

Mungo Park on Horseback in Africa

Mungo Park African Plaque

Mungo Park being Cared for by African Villagers

Mungo Park African Plaque

Mungo Park Plaque reads; Mungo Park born at Foulshiels Selkirkshire 10th September 1771 Killed at Boussa on The Niger Africa 1805

Mungo Park Statue Plaque

Mungo Park Memorial Plaque

The inscription of the Mungo Park plaque reads;

This inscription is to commemorate the death of Mungo Park’s companions during his second expedition. Alexander Anderson, M.D. Selkirk died at Sansanding on the Niger 28th October 1805.and George Scott, Singlie, Selkirk died august 1805. Also of Thomas Park, son of Mungo Park died in Aquambo W. Africa in 1827 while endeavouring to obtain trace of his distinguished father.

One of Four African Figures on the Mungo Park MemorialMungo Park African Drummer

Flodden Field Memorial Selkirk

The Fletcher Monument

The Fletcher Monument portrays a soldier named Fletcher carrying the Macclesfield Banner which he captured from the English at Flodden Field. The Statue erected in 1913, 400 years after the battle is to commemorate the fallen and only survivor of 80 Selkirk men who returned from the Battle of Flodden. Behind the Statue is the Victoria Halls which were built in 1895.

Flodden Field Memorial Statue

Flodden Field Memorial Statue

Flodden Field Memorial Statue Plaque

Hungarian Patriot Selkirk

Hungarian Patriot Selkirk

Loch Carron Visitor Centre

Lochcarron Textile Warehouse Selkirk

The Three Brethren

The Three Brethren on top of the hill that marks the boundaries of three Estates the Cairns have stood here for over 400 years, built in the 16th century by the lairds of Yair, Philiphaugh and Selkirk.

Three Cairns called the Three Brethren