Scottish Whisky Tasting Edinburgh

Looking for Scottish Whisky tasting in Edinburgh You can get Scottish Whisky from the Highlands, Lowlands, Scottish Isles or from Edinburgh and they all have their distinctive taste and aroma. There are many types and tastes of Scottish Whisky from the peaty to the sweet and the clean whisky like Speyside malt whisky.   

Single Malt Whisky

Single malt whisky is made in a copper pot still at an individual distillery. Single malt is the ultimate of Scottish whisky. When you blend a single grain Scotch whisky with one or more single malt Scotch whiskies this is called a blended Scotch whisky such as Bells.

Whisky Distilleries

There are many Scottish Whisky distilleries in Scotland. Here are a number of Scottish Whisky distilleries in a close vicinity:  Kininvie Whisky Distillery, Dufftown Whisky Distillery, Mortlach Whisky Distillery, Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery, Glenlivit Whisky Distillery, Cardhu Whisky Distillery, Macallan Whisky Distillery, Balvenie Whisky Distillery and Dewar’s Whisky Distillery look on this map top right corner.

Origins of Scottish Whisky

Alcohol has been around since the Egyptians were building the Pyramids, giving the workers beer and bread to help them through the hot days. Wine has also been known to be in existence for up to 10,000 years through religious scripts. It is not known when Whisky was first made but records of distillation are shown from the 11th century. The first written record of whisky was in 1494.  The name whisky originally from the Gaelic “Uisge Beatha”, meaning ‘water of life’. In 1644 the Scottish Government imposed a tax on whisky and in 1707 after the union of Scotland and England a malt tax was introduced on the 23 June 1725 which caused riots over Scotland, this indirectly increased the cost of making whisky, as malt is the main ingredient. In 1824 George Smith the originator of the Glenlivet whisky was the first to gain a legal licence to distil whisky when the English government introduced a law to legalize the production of whisky. The oldest bottlers of whisky are Cadenhead’s who have been bottling whisky since 1824. Whisky and all alcoholic drinks are restricted to persons of over 18 years and should not be consumed by anyone younger. Below are places you can taste and get information on Scottish Whisky without travelling to far. 

Looking to spend a day visiting Scottish Whisky Distilleries trying the different malts, send an email to and see what we can do. Many of the Distilleries do organised tours of their distiller and a tasting, which should be booked in advance as they are always very popular

Winton House Winton House Estate B6355 Pencaitland EH34 5AT East Lothian Scotland 01875 340 222
Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop 172 Canongate Edinburgh EH8 8DF Edinburgh Scotland 0131 556 5864
Tartan Weaving Mill Exhibitions 555 Castle Hill Edinburgh EH1 2NE Edinburgh Scotland 0131 220 2477
Scotch Whisky Experience  354 Castle Hill Edinburgh EH1 2NE Edinburgh Scotland 0131 220 0441
Glenkinchie Distillery   Glenkinchie Distillery Pencaitland EH34 5ET East Lothian Scotland 01875 342 004