Royal Mile Horse Wynd Edinburgh

Horse Wynd Royal Mile Edinburgh

Horse Wynd was where the royal stables were and later there was a brewery on the site. Horse Wynd Edinburgh was also were the Royal Coaches would depart for London. The journey would take approximately 13 days. Opposite the Palace is the site of the new Scottish Parliament building, continue round and you will arrive in the Queens Park where Arthur Seat can be climbed on the Radical Road for a magnificent view of Edinburgh, Lothians and the Forth Bridges. Also take the road around the hill and see the Lochs and St Anthony’s Chapel that stands above St Margaret’s Loch on the hill.

Horse Wynd Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Queen’s Gallery Royal Mile Horse Wynd Edinburgh 

The Queen’s Gallery opened in 2002 to house pictures, paintings and photographs of the queen her family and her travels around the world.This building was first erected in 1840s.


Queens Gallery Horse Wynd Royal Mile Edinburgh

 Scottish Parliament Building Horse Wynd Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Scottish Parliament Building sited on Horse Wynd. Construction of the building commenced in June 1999 and the Members of the Scottish Parliament held their first debate in the new building on 7 September 2004. The formal opening by Queen Elizabeth took place on 9 October 2004. Take the free tour of the building.

Scottish Parliament Horse Wynd Royal Mile Edinburgh


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