Royal Mile Attractions

Royal Mile Attractions are diagram maps of the attractions of Edinburgh Castle Esplanade and Castlehill

The red markers with white numbers are attractions and places of interest.  

1 Edinburgh Castle Drawbridge. 2 Statue of Robert the Bruce.  3 Statue of William Wallace.  4 Plaque Baron of Nova Scotia.  5 Princess Louise’s Fountain. 6 Gordon Highlanders Plaque. 7 Plaque to The King’s Own Scottish Borderers 8 72nd Highlander’s Obelisk. 9 Charles Ensign Ewart Grave

10 Celtic Cross 11 Scottish Horse Regiment Memorial Cross 12 The Runic Cross 13 The Witches Well 14 Cannonball in Wall.  15 First Celtic Chapel 

16 Cannonball House Tablet 17 Bible above door of Ragged School. 18 Semple’s Court 19 Boswell Court Lintel Inscription. 20 Blue Plaque on Hub 70th Anniversary 21 West Bow Wellhead.  The white numbers on black and Black numbers on white are street names. 

1 Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh. 2 Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh 3 Ramsay Lane Edinburgh.  4 Ramsay Garden Edinburgh. 

5 Johnston Terrace Edinburgh 6 Upper Bow Royal Mile Edinburgh.  7 West Bow Edinburgh 8 Victoria Street Edinburgh. 

Royal Mile Attractions Maps

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade and Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

Maps Attractions Edinburgh Castle Esplanade and Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Map below covers the attractions in the Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh.

The red markers with white numbers are attractions

1 Marriage Stone Inscribed on wall of Mound Place. 2  Statue of John Knox.  3  Plaque Milne’s Court.  4 West Entry James Court.  5 Mid Entry James Court.  6 East Entry James Court.  7 Plaque to Robert Burns  8 Blue Dragons of Wardrop Close  9 Brodie’s Close Lintel Inscription  10 Brass Plaque and Cobbles Last Public Hanging  11 Statue  David Hume  12 Lawnmarket Well Head.  13 5th Duke of Buccleuch Statue. 14 News Steps to Waverley Station  15 Plaque Professor Philip T.D Clinic.  16 Founder of Celtic Chair Edinburgh University window panels James Stuart Blackie.  17 Makars’ Court Entrance from The Mound.  18 The Mound Museum Entrance  19 Black Watch Memorial Statue. 

The Blue numbers on white are the street names

1 Mound Place   2 Ramsay Lane.  3 Ramsay Garden  4  Castlehill Royal Mile.  5 Lawnmarket Royal Mile  6 George IV Bridge  7 Bank Street  8 St Giles Street.   9 North Bank Street  10 The Mound   11 Market Street.   12 Johnston Terrace.   13 Upper Bow  14 Fisher’s Court  15 Brodie’s Close  16 Buchanan’s Close. Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh.

Royal Mile Attractions Maps 

Link To  Lawnmarket Royal Mile EdinburghMaps Attractions Royal Mile Edinburgh in the Lawnmarket Edinburgh

The Map below covers the attractions in the Upper High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh.

The red markers with white numbers are Royal Mile attractions.

1  Heart of Midlothian where the Edinburgh Tolbooth Stood   2 Entrance to St Giles Cathedral and statues above the door.  3  The Signet Library.  4  John Knox Grave  5  Statue of King Charles II   6  Carved Statue of St Andrew.  7  Edinburgh Mercat Cross  8  Statue of James Braidwood  9  Statue of Adam Smith.  10  Cobbles show where Mercat Cross once stood.  11  High Street Well Head with Sad and Happy Faces.  12  Sir Chris Hoy’s Gold Post Box.  13  House of John Knox  14  Stone carvings of Owl and Devil up High.  15 Plaque to Elsie Inglis 16 Plaque to James Gillespie 17 Inscriptions above doorway  18  Brass Plaque. 

The numbers of Royal Mile attractions between 19 and 24 are in the quadrangle of the City Chambers. Furthermore a statue of a Polish war hero General Stanislaw Maczek sits on a bench in the far right corner.   

19  City Chambers Plaque  20.  Golden Hands on Slab  21  Statue of Alexander the Great and Bucephalus  22  Golden Hands on Slab.  23  Plaque to First Police Force in Scotland  24  Plaque Mary Queen of Scots  25  Plaque to Hugh Millar  26  John Knox House  27  Plaque to Duncan Ban MacIntyre  28 Inscriptions above doorways.  29  Brass Plaque.  30  Royal Exchequer Crest  31  Real May King’s Close.  

The Black numbers on white are street names 

1  St Giles Street  2  Byre’s Close.  3 Advocate’s Close.  4 Roxburgh Close  5 Warriston Close.  6 Craig’s Close  7 Anchor Close.  8 Geddes Entry  9  North Foulis Close.  10  Old Stamp Office Close  11  Lyon’s Close.  12 Jackson’s Close  13 Fleshmarket Close.  14 Cockburn Street  15 North Bridge.  16  Carruber’s Close  17 Niddry Street  18 South Bridge  19 Blair Street  20 Stevenlaw’s Close  21 Tron Square.  22  New Advocate’s Close  23  Bell’s Close  24 Burnet’s Close  25 Covenant’s Close.  26 Old Assembly Close.  27  Borthwick’s Close  28 Old Fishmarket Close  29 Parliament Square.  30 Upper High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh  

Royal Mile Attractions Maps 

Upper High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh. Link to (North side)  (South Side)

Maps Attractions in the Upper High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Map below covers attractions in the Lower High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh.

The Red markers with white numbers show where things to see are.  

1  Sir Chris Hoy’s Gold Post Box   2  High on the building are sculptures of an Owl and the Devil  3  On the front of the Building is a marriage Stone  4  Close Memorial Stone Paisley Close  5  High Street Well Head  6  Saltire Society Fountain Court  7  Nether Bow Bell and Stone Tablet  8  Wall Tablet of Nether Bow Gate  9  Brass Cobbles showing position of Nether Bow Gate  10  Memorial Bust of Sir Patrick Geddes  11  Sculpture of a Cockrel  12 The Grassmarket Cross in Old St Paul’s Church  13  North Bridge Plaque of Foundation Stone.  14 Scotsman Steps short cut to Waverley Station entrance.    

The black markers with white numbers are Historic Attractions

1  The Tron Kirk and Tron indoor Market  2 St Cecilia’s Musical Instrument Museum    3 Bishop Spottiswood’s House  4  Old St Paul’s Church  5  Once was Regent Morton’s Mansion  6  The Lodge of Journeymen Masons  7  The Museum of Childhood  8  Carruber’s Mission  9  Trinity Apse Church  10  Scottish Book Trust Trunk’s Close  11  Moubray House  12  John Knox House  13  The Scottish Story Telling Centre  14  Once was Palace Picture House and Night Club  

The Blue numbers are streets and close’s of the Royal Mile Edinburgh

1  North Bridge  2  South Bridge  3  Cockburn Street  4  Niddry Street  5  Carruber’s Close  6  Upper High Street   7  Canongate  8  Jeffrey Street  9  East Market Street  10  Cranston Street  11  Chalmer’s Close  12  St Mary Street  13  World’s End Close  14  Upper Part of High Street Royal Mile

Royal Mile Attractions Maps 

 Lower High Street Royal Mile EdinburghMaps Attractions in the lower High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Map below covers the attractions in the Canongate.

The Red markers with white numbers show the historic attractions.

1  Steps to Calton Hill  2  The Governor’s House  3  Abraham Lincoln Statue  4  The Martyr’s Obelisk  5  David Hume’s Tomb  6  Nether Bow Gate Cobbles  7  Wall Plaque  8  Morocco Land  9 Old Playhouse 10  St John’s Cross Cobbles  11 Lodge St John  12 Wall Plaque  13 Wall Plaque  14  Shoemaker’s Land  15 Bible Land  16 Robert Fergusson’s Grave  17  William Fettes Tomb  18 Clarinda’s Grave  19  Robert Adam’s Grave  20 David Riccio’s Grave  21 Plaque  22 Plaque 23 Inscription above Door  24 Canongate Well Head  25 Girth Cross and Maiden Cobble Marker  26 Queen’s Gallery  27 Plaque and Palace Entrance  28 Sanctuary Houses and Gift Shop  29 Queen Mary’s Bath House  30 Old Police Station Building  31 Plaque in White Horse Close  32 Plaque in White Horse Close  33 Plaque Jenny Ha’s Tavern  34 Whitefoord House  35 Golfer’s Land  36  Robert Fergusson Statue  37 Canongate Mercat Cross

The Black numbers on white are street names 

1 Regent Road  2 Calton Road  3 Jacob’s Ladder Steps  4 Canongate  5 Lower High Street  6 Jeffrey Street  7 Cranston Street  8  East Market Street  9 New Street  10 Tolbooth Wynd  11 Panmure Close  12 Lochend Close  13 White Horse Close  14 Abbeyhill Crescent  15 Abbeyhill  16 Abbey Strand  17 Horse Wynd  18 Holyrood Gait  19 Holyrood Road  20 Crichton’s Close  21 Moray House Court  22 St John’s Street  23 Old Playhouse Close  24 Chessel’s Court  25 Gullan’s Close  26 Boyd’s Entry  27 St Mary’s Street  28 Reid’s Close

The White numbers on the Black are Places to visit

1 St Andrew’s House  2 The Governor’s House  3 The Royal High School  4 Robert Burns Memorial  5 The White Horse Tavern  6 Chessel’s Court  7 Lodge Kilwinning 2  8 Moray House Gates and College  8 Huntly House Plaques  10 Edinburgh Museum  11 Canongate Tolbooth  12 The People Story Museum  13 Canongate Kirk  14 Panmure House  15 Reid’s Court  16 Russell House  17 Scottish Parliament Building  18  Our Dynamic Earth  19 Queensberry House  20  Nisbet’s Land  21 Milton House School  22 The Poetry Library  

Royal Mile Attractions Maps 

Link to the Canongate and Surrounding Area

Maps Attractions in the Canongate Royal Mile and Holyrood Area

Maps Attractions Royal Mile Edinburgh below covers the attractions in the area near the Palace of Holyrood House. 

The black markers with white numbers or names are attractions

1  Russell House a 17th century tenement where up to 100 people would live.  2  Abbeyhill Police Station This building was built in 1896 to house the local Police force.  3  Octagonal Stone Fountain built circa 1860 copied from the Linlithgow Palace Fountain.  4  The 3 Gates to the Palace of Holyrood House.  5  The Cobble Stone Marker of The Girth Cross and the Maiden a Guillotine where executions took place.  6  St Margaret’s Well where Queen Margaret would drink as it was said to have healing powers. Once stood in Restalrig. 7  The brass letter  ” S ” s   to show where the border of Sanctuary.   8  The wall tablet of a Unicorn at the Entrance to The Palace of Holyrood House.

The Red numbers are the Street names 

1  Canongate     2  Calton Road   3  Horse Wynd   4  Holyrood Gait   5  Holyrood Road   6 Reid’s Close   7  Abbeyhill Crescent   8 Abbeyhill    9 Abbey Strand   10  Queens Drive 

Royal Mile Attractions Maps 

Abbey Strand Horse Wynd and Palace of Holyrood House Area

Maps Attractions Royal Mile Edinburgh around Holyrood Palace and Arthur Seat

Link to All About Edinburgh