Roxburgh’s Close High Street Edinburgh

Roxburgh’s Close on the north side of the High Street in the Royal Mile Edinburgh is named after John Roxburgh a chef and Burgess of Edinburgh in 1605. As most close’s the name changed with the owner of the land as this was owned originally by Henry Cant who owned property in Advocate’s Close. The Close is also famous for another resident Donnchadh Ban MacIntyre a famous Gaelic Poet. At the foot of Roxburgh’s Close is a courtyard which I believe was part of Writers’ Court as the doorway from Warriston’s close that enters the building where Zizzi restaurant stands has a lintel with the initials of the Chambers brothers Robert and William and the date 1851. 

Roxburgh's Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

 Roxburgh's Close   Roxburgh's Close Bronze Plaque

In the centre of Roxburgh Court are four iron slabs with carvings and dates with names. The four slabs represent the trees that once stood in the courtyard and the dates of their planting. The trees are from new world destinations of the time.  1725   Acer Saccharinum (silver maple from North American Maple).1767  Betula dalecarlica (A Swedish Birch tree from Sweden), 1842   Betula Utilis (Himalayan Birch Tree from Nepal), 1906  Sorbus Commixta (Japanese rowan tree from Japan).

 Roxburgh's Close and Roxburgh Court Iron works representing trees

Lintel of doorway into Roxburgh Court (Writers’ Court)

WC (William Chambers) RC (Robert Chambers) 1851

Chambers Brothers Lintel Writers' Court off Roxburgh's Close


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