Roxburgh Street Edinburgh

Roxburgh Street Edinburgh in the Pleasance area, just off Drummond Street, where the old city wall (Flodden Wall) still stand, Professor Peter Ware Higgs wrote the papers which predicted the Higgs boson in this building in 1964. No, 5 Roxburgh Street is the research support office of the University of Edinburgh and the plaque at the door reads; Institute of Physics | Peter | Ware Higgs | Born 1929 | Theoretical physicist and Nobel | Laureate in Physics 2013 | Wrote the papers which predicted | the Higgs boson in this | building in 1964 |.

Roxburgh Street Edinburgh 

 Higgs Office 5 Roxburgh Street Edinburgh   Roxburgh Street Edinburgh Plaque

Nobel Prize Winner Peter Ware Higgs

Peter Ware Higgs and François Englert jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013 for there discovery of the  “theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles”. In 2012 Peter Ware Higgs and François Englert carried out two experiments at the CERN laboratory Switzerland which confirmed the existence of the Higgs particle.

The Nobel Prize award ceremony is held in Stockholm, Sweden annually where the award winners are presented with a diploma and a medal by His Royal Majesty the King of Sweden speeches and speeches honouring the Nobel Laureates and their discovery or work,This ceremony has been taking place since 1934.

About Peter Ware Higgs

Professor Higgs Ph.D was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in May 1929 he graduated from King’d College London and continued his studies and graduated with a masters in Physics in 1952 two years later in 1954 he gained a Ph.D. Peter Higgs was an affiliate of University of Edinburgh, at the time of his discovery.

He then moved to his mothers home country of Scotland. He has lived in Edinburgh since moving and is married with two sons. Peter Higgs has received many honours including a Knighthood which he rejected for personal reasons. The University of Edinburgh has named a chair after him and also a centre (The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics).

He is now a retired professor and grandfather living in Edinburgh. 

François Englert was born in November 1932 in Belgium and has gained degrees in electromagnetical engineering and physics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a Doctor of Physics. He also is a retired professor.  


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