Reid’s Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

reid's close royal mile canongate edinburgh

Reid’s Close named after Andrew Reid Brewer circa 1770 had a common entrance from the Canongate with Haddington Close ( Earl of Haddington built a house here circa 1790) with seperate entrances from Back of the Canongate south (Holyrood Road) Bailie Reid’s Close or Reid’s Close was the site of a new brewery opened by the Berwicks circa 1860, on the site of their maltings which operated for several years. They then sold it circa 1870 when it changed its name to the Reid’s Close Brewery. Reid’s Close is at the west side of the Scottish Parliament Building on the Canongate and is a quick way to get to Our Dynamic Earth at Holyrood Gait.

 Reid's close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh Our Dynamic Earth Holyrood Gait Edinburgh

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