Randolph Crescent Edinburgh

Randolph Crescent the home of Flora Stevenson, Louisa Stevenson, and Elisa Stevenson in Edinburgh became one of the centres for women’s rights campaigning. They were founder members of the Ladies Educational Association. Flora Stevenson was elected onto the Governments School Board in 1873 and was so re-elected every year until her death in 1905. In her honour the Education board named a school after her which still is in use to this day. Louisa campaigned specifically for women to be allowed medical training and to qualify as doctors. She joined with Sophia Jex Blake to found the women’s medical college. Louisa later became a member of the executive committee of the National Union of Women’s suffrage society. Louisa Stevenson with Christian Guthrie Wright founded the Edinburgh School of Cookery in 1875 in Atholl Crescent Edinburgh. This school developed into The Queen Margaret University.

   Stevenson Sisters Home Stevenson Sisters Plaque


 Other famous people that lived in Randolph Crescent Edinburgh were at No.5 Dugald Stewart and at No. 23 Dean Ramsay.

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