Ramsay Garden Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh

Ramsay Lodge was where Allan Ramsay the poet built his house and lived in the 1740. Over time he extended it to what you see now. The original house was octagonal in shape and it earned the ridicule of the gentry as they called it Guse Pie. Now known as the Goose Pie Hat. After His Death Later it was developed into 16 houses for student accommodation with a magnificent view of the New Town Edinburgh. They are now private residence. The Ramsay Garden houses are a prominent feature of Edinburgh with their red ashlars and white exteriors and were first built by Alan Ramsay in 1733. Can you see the Devil on the hot tin roof? Allan Ramsay’s original Goose pie octagonal shaped house can be found in the centre looking up from Princes Street. he original Lodge is the highest point on the building.


  Ramsay Garden castlehill royal mile from Princes Street Edinburgh  Devil on roof Ramsay Garden Castlehill Royal Mile

 Allan Ramsay Ramsay Garden Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh    Ramsay Gardens Ramsay Lodge Guse Pie House Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh  

   Allan Ramsay's House Ramsay Garden Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh  Ramsay Garden Plaque Castle Hill Royal Mile Edinburgh

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