Priestfield Road Edinburgh


The area of Craigmillar in the east was purchased and added to the Barony of Priestfield owned by Sir James Dick.  He changed the name for the combined area to Prestonfield, possibly after the Castle at Craigmillar, owners the Preston family. He then built a mansion house in 1687 where a previous house had stood, before being burned to the ground. The remains of the original house built in 1687 is pictured above, the house is believed to have been burnt to the ground by students and as a consequence the Edinburgh council closed the University of Edinburgh until they could see improvement in the student’s behaviour. The Dick family lived in Prestonfield House for over 250 years. With guests that included Bonnie Prince Charlie, Samuel Jonson and James Boswell. The House still stands as a hotel and has been a popular venue for the celebrities for the last 50 years with guest such as Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Sean Connery, Elton John, Catherine Zeta Jones, Oliver Reed and many more.


The original stone lintel from the house built in 1687 can be seen in the grounds as you enter the car park of Prestonfield House.

 Prestonfield House Priestfield Road Edinburgh  Prestonfield House Lintel


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