Prestonpans Battle Story

 Prestonpans Battle Story is about how Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites defeated the English went as far as Derby before returning and then being defeated at Culloden. From victory to defeat  took seven months 21st September 1745 (Prestonpans) 16th April 1746 Culloden.

The Story boards which can be seen at the top of the Pyramid the battle site viewing platform on the B1361 on the East side of Prestonpans top road. Climb the pyramid and read the full story. I have photographed the boards below for your information.

Chase to Culloden

Also the might of the English government forces were at their backs led by the King’s son the Duke of Cumberland, so they continued further into the highlands. On the 16th April 1746 the English caught up with the Jacobite army and on Culloden field the Jacobite army was wiped out and the remainder scattered throughout the Highlands. Charles eluded the English and on the 19 September fled to France where he remained till his death.

Ban on Tartan

Cumberland took measures to stop the clans from uniting again and with an act of parliament in 1746 the wearing of tartan except as a uniform for officers and soldiers in the British Army was banned. Tartan became popular again in 1822 with George IV wearing full tartan dress a prerequisite of his visit to Scotland arranged by Sir Walter Scott and Henry Dundas. When George the IV stepped on Scottish land at Leith it was the first regaining monarch to stand on Scottish soil since King Charles I for his Scottish coronation in 1633.

Prestonpans battle Story Boards

  Top of the Pyramid

Prestonpans Battle Story Top of Pyramid

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.1

 Prestonpans battle Story Boards No1

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.2

 Prestonpans battle Story Boards No. 2

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.3

 Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.3

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.4

  Prestonpans battle Story Boards No 4

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.5

 Prestonpans battle Story Boards No 5

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.6

 Prestonpans battle Story Boards No 6

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.7

Prestonpans Battle Story No7

Prestonpans battle Story Boards No.8

 Prestonpans battle Story Boards No 8

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