Panmure Close Canongate Edinburgh

Panmure Close Canongate Edinburgh is where Panmure House was home to the Jacobite Earl of Panmure who had his town house in the 17 century. Later the Countess of Aberdeen occupied the house before Adam Smith lived and died here from 1772 till 1790. Adam Smith is buried in the Canongate Kirk Graveyard and his statue is in the High Street near to St Giles Cathedral. The poppies on the gates were to show that this was the access to the Lady Haig Poppy factory between 1931 – 1965. Access to Panmure house is at 115 Canongate Little Lochend Close. 

Panmure Close Sign Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

Panmure House 

Panmure House is now a visitor attraction with a refurbishment giving it the 18th century look once again. find out the history of the town house and its residents from as far back as the early 17th century.

 Panmure Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh  Panmure House from Panmure Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh  

             Cadell House

William Cadell was born in 1668 and died in 1728. He was an Edinburgh merchant and freeman of Edinburgh. William cadell’s grandson was a founder of the Carron Company Iron Works of Falkirk. The largest iron works of its type in Europe for circa 100 years. Cadell house was restored and converted to apartments in 1954.



 Panmure Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh Here the Jacobite Earl of Panmure had his town house and garden. The house was later occupied by Adam Smith author of "The Wealth of Nations "  Adam Smith Panmure House Plaque Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh, Panmure House on the east side of this close Adam Smith lived from 1778 to 1790    Panmure Close Canongate Edinburgh Poppy Plaque The Poppies above mark that this close gave access to The Ladt Haig's Poppy Factory from 1931 TO 1965 The factory continues with its work today from Warriston Road Edinburgh  

Cadell House and Panmure House 

Two large town houses with historic owners in the 18th century

Cadell and Panmure Houses in Panmure Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

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