North Charlotte Street Edinburgh

North Charlotte Street runs from Charlotte Square to Queen Street with a monument dedicated to Catherine Sinclair on the west corner. The monument is a replica of the Scott monument in Princes Street.

Catherine Sinclair Memorial Replica Scott Monument

Catherine Sinclair was born in Edinburgh on 17 April 1800. Her father was Sir John Sinclair, a well known politician and the first organiser of the The Statistical Account of Scotland’. Catherine Sinclair was home educated and published her first book in 1832 (‘Charlie Seymour, or, The good aunt and the bad aunt’). Catherine Sinclair most popular book was for children and was sold worldwide Holiday House published in 1839. She also established cooking depots and was instrumental in drinking fountains and park benches being installed around the Edinburgh streets.

Catherine Sinclair Memorial Replica Scott Monument North Charlotte Street and St Colme Street Edinburgh


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