North Bridge Edinburgh

    north bridge edinburgh

The Original North Bridge was founded in 1763, opening in 1772 to link the Edinburgh Old Town with the New Town. Due to the high volume of people and transport that used the bridge it was widened in 1876, it was then demolished in 1896 to make way for the present North Bridge which was opened in 1897. The main rail lines run underneath the bridge. At the foot of the bridge is the Balmoral Hotel and Princes Street and at the top are the Scotsman and Carlton Hotels and the famous Royal Mile.  The statue on the East side of the bridge is dedicated to the King’s Own Scottish Borderers who fought in battles around the world. Behind the statue can be seen the Calton Hill, with the Martyrs Obelisk, Governor’s House, Nelson Monument and High School all visible. Must be near 1pm as the ball is going up the mast on the Nelson Monument. The North Bridge plaques and the Duncan Flockhart & Co Plaque can be found on the west side of the North Bridge and the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Memorial is on the East Side

Old North Bridge Plaque

Old North Bridge Plaque Edinburgh

North Bridge Plaque

New North Bridge Plaque Edinburgh

King’s Own Scottish Borderers War Memorial

North Bridge Edinburgh King's Own Scottish Borderers Memorial


Duncan Flockhart & Co Plaque

North Bridge James Young Simpson Edinburgh

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