Nicolson Square Edinburgh

Nicolson Square was built on Nicolson Park circa 1750 on land owned by Lady Elizabeth Nicolson at the same time as she built a new road which was later named Lady Nicolson Street and now shortened to Nicolson Street a continuation of the South Bridge linking the South with the Old Town of Edinburgh.

The Brass Iron Founders’ Pillar Nicolson Square Edinburgh 

The Brass Iron Founders’ Pillar features the biblical character, Tubal Cain the legendary founder of brass and iron making skills. The monument was commissioned for the 1886 International Exhibition of Science Art and Industry held in the Meadows. The pillar can be found in Nicholson Square across from The Surgeons Hall Museum.

 The Brass Iron Founders' Pillar Nicolson Square Gardens Edinburgh         

James Finlayson Nicolson Square Edinburgh

James Finlayson was born in Penicuik a few miles south of Edinburgh in 1772. He became a textile mill engineer in 1820 he moved to Finland and seeing the opportunity in the fast flowing river of Tammerkoski, he open a company which manufactured machinery for the textile industry which became the largest industry in the Nordic countries in the late 19th and early 20th century. He was the person who made Tampere the second city of Finland. He also opened an orphanage for the children in Tampere. In 1838 he moved back to Scotland and moved to 8 Nicholson Square were he died at the age of 80.

          James Finlayson Nicolson Square Edinburgh

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