Newbattle Midlothian Scotland

Newbattle Abbey

Newbattle abbey was founded circa 1140 by King David I the second of the six Cistercian Monasteries he created. Holyrood Abbey being the first.

The Lothian family dynasty began with Mark Ker in 1547. Newbattle Abbey grounds were given to Mark Ker. The First Earl of Lothian was his son William in 1601 and the title was later upgraded to Marquess. The 1st Marquess being Robert Ker also 4th Earl of Lothian. The present Marquess of Lothian (13th) is Michael Ker known as Michael Ancrum M.P.

The Declaration of Arbroath, which was a letter sealed by fifty-one magnates and nobles, the letter makes the case for Scottish Independence and was sent to Pope John XXII, on the 6 April 1320 a, Written in Latin by, Bernard, Abbot of Arbroath Abbey, and Chancellor of Scotland.

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