Mound Place Edinburgh

Mound Place is on the left after the entrance to Lady Stair’s Close. Mound Place is also a continuation of Ramsay Lane and access to and from Castlehill is able. The New Library can be found here and also up the hill on a large stone wall on the south side can be found a marriage stone which has initials of the couple and a date. The New College has a quadrangle inside the entrance with a statue of John Knox. This is where The General Assembly of Scotland is held annually. Previously to the building of the New College this was part of the site that Mary of Guise had her Palace and Chapel. The main wall of the Palace can be seen on Castlehill. 

Mound Place Junction with The Mound, Market Street (right) Mound Place (Left)

The Assembly Hall (New College) Mound Place Edinburgh

The Assembly Hall was built in 1846 as a Theological college, now the New College and a home for the Church of Scotland in 1929. The General Assembly is held here annually in May. This is also where in 1989 the majority of the Scottish members of parliament signed a document to claim the right for Scotland to have an independent parliament. The Assembly hall was used as a debating hall of the Scottish Parliament for 5 years between 1999 -2004. The Assembly Hall has also been used by the Edinburgh International Festival for many years. The Spire behind the Assembly Hall is The Hub on the Castlehill. In the main courtyard of the New College stands a statue of John Knox the leader of the protestant reformation and founder of the Presbyterian Church. Born in 1514 and died in 1572 his grave is in the car park of St Giles Cathedral.

 New College Mound Place Edinburgh   New College front Gates Mound Place Edinburgh

            New College Plaque and Plaque in honour of Reverend John Witherspoon

 New College Sign Mound Place Edinburgh   Mound Place Edinburgh Plaque to John Witherspoon Graduate of Edinburgh University Reverend and Signatory to the American Declaration of Independence

150 Year Anniversary of laying the foundation stone for the New College Mound Place Edinburgh

 New College Plaque Mound Place Edinburgh Anniverary to 150 year since the foundation stone was laid June 3 1846   The University of Edinburgh New College Information Board Mound Place Edinburgh

  John Knox Statue New College Quadrangle Mound Place EdinburghJohn Knox Statue New College Mound Place Edinburgh

The Marriage Stone Mound Place Edinburgh

Mound Place Edinburgh Marriage Stone

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