Makars’ Court Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Makars are the award winning writers / Poets of Scotland. There are 39 Slabs that have the makers names inscribed one slab for each person. Below are the makars’ the slabs and who they are were.

Makars’ Court Lawnmarket Edinburgh

Makars' Court Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh
restored by George Shaw Aitken
Sir Walter Scott

Makar SIR WALTER SCOTT (1771-1832)  

Novelist and Poet Born in Edinburgh Inscription on slab This is my own, my native land

Robert Louis Stevenson Makars' Court

Makar Robert Louis Stevenson      1850 – 1894  

Inscription on slab There are no stars as lovely as Edinburgh’s street lamps  

Novelist, Poet and Travel writer Born in Edinburgh

Robert Burns Makar

Makar Robert Burns 1759 – 1796

Poet Born in Alloway  Inscription on slab    Man to Man the world o’er shall brithers be for a’  that                                                                             

Robert Fergusson Makar

Makar Robert Fergusson    1750 – 1774

Poet, Born in Edinburgh Inscription on slab  Auld Reikie wale o’ i lka town

Gavin Douglas Makars' Court

Makar GAVIN DOUGLAS   1476 – 1522      

Poet, Scottish Bishop and Politician, Born in Tantallon Castle East Lothian Inscription on slab mak it braid and plane  Kepand na sudron bot our awyn langage


Makar TOM SCOTT        1918 – 1995  

Poet, Builders Labourer and Soldier, Born Partick   Glasgow  Inscription on slab WEIRD HOU MEN MAUN AYE BE MAKIN WAR  INSTEID O THINGS THEY NEED  


Makar JAMES BOSWELL       1740 – 1795

Laird of Auchinleck, Biographer, Advocate, Born in Edinburgh  Inscription on slab 

  I rattled down the High Street in high elevation of spirits             

Lachlan Mor MacMhuirich Makars' Court

Makar Lachlan Mor MacMhuirich 1370 – 1478

Scottish Bard Professional Poet of a dynasty of Poets, Born in the Hebrides  Inscription on slab 

A Chlanna Cuinn Cuimhnichibh Cruas an am na h-iorghaile

Makar Sir David Lyndsay 1486 – 1555

Lyon King of Arms, Satirist, Poet and Diplomat, Born in Fife  Inscription on slab Lait us haif the bukis necessare to commoun weill

Helen Cruikshank Makars' Court

Makar HELEN CRUICKSHANK 1886 – 1975

Poet and Suffragette, Born in Hillside near Montrose  Inscription on slab The spirit endures for ever

George Mckay Brown Makars' Court

Makar George MacKay Brown  1921 – 1996

Poet, Dramatist and Author, Born in Stromness, Orkney  Inscription on slab In the fire of images gladly, I put my hand  

Sydney Goodsir Smith Makars' Court

Makar Sydney Goodsir Smith 1915 – 1975

Poet, Artist, Novelist and dramatist, Born in Wellington New Zealand  Inscription on slab Bards hae sung o lesser luves than I o thee Oh my great follie and my granderie

Iain Crichton Smith Makars' Court

Makar Iain Crichton Smith 1928 – 1998         

Poet and Novelist, Born in Glasgow in 1928 lived in Bayble Lewis from infancy Inscription on slab Let our three-voiced country sing in a new world  

Makar Muriel Spark 1918 – 2006

Novelist, Born in Edinburgh Inscription on slab THE TRANSFIGURATION OF THE COMMONPLACE

John Muir Makars' Court

Makar John Muir 1838 –  1914 

Engineer, Naturalist, Philosopher, Writer, Botanist and Geologist, Born in Dunbar  Inscription on slab I care to live to entice people to look at Nature’s loveliness  

Makar Douglas Young 1913 – 1973

Poet and Politician Leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Born in Tayport Fife  Insription on slab 

He was eident, He was blye, in Scotland’s cause

Royal Mile Lawnmarket Makars' Court Fionn MacColla

Makar  Fionn Maccolla (AKA)Thomas Douglas Macdonald  1906 – 1975

Actual name Thomas Douglas MacDonald a Novelist, born in Montrose inscription on slab  my boots in the soil of Alba 

Makar Nigel Tranter 1909 – 2000

Inscription on slab You intend to bide here? Can you think of anywhere better?          

Historian and Author, Accountant, Born in Glasgow 

Neil Munro Makars' Court

Makar Neil Munro 1863 – 1930

Lawyers Clerk, Journalist, writer (Hugh Foulis), Born in Inveraray  Inscription on slab “And yet, and yet, this new road will some day be the old road, too”                

Neil Gunn Lawnmarket Makars' Court Royal Mile Edinburgh

Makar Neil Miller Gunn 1891 – 1973 

Novelist, Dramatists and Critic, Born in Dunbeath Inscription on slab Knowledge is high in the head but the salmon of wisdom swims deep 

James Allan Ford Makars' Court

Makar James Allan Ford 1920 – 2009

 Inscription on slab Sing out the silence fill for ever and ever the emptiness  Writer, Soldier and Senior Civil Servant, Born in Auchtermuckty in Fife 

Dorothy Dunnett Makars' Court

Makar Dorothy Dunnett 1923 –  2001  

Inscription on slab Where are the links of the chain joining us to the past?

Painter, Sculptures and fiction writer, Born in Dunfermline Fife 1923 

Makar James Bridle 1888 – 1951                  

Scottish Playwright, also a surgeon in the 1st and 2nd world wars, real name Osborne Henry Mavor, born in Glasgow  Inscription on slab Who knows the heart of man and what moves in that darkness?


William Dunbar Makars' Court

Makar William Dunbar 1460 – 1520  

Inscription on slab The fesche is brukle the Fend is sle Timor mortis conturbat me.      

One of the greats, Poet associated with the court of James IV, and Advocate of Law, Born, circa 1880


Makar John Buchan 1875 – 1940          

Inscription on slab We can only repay our debt to the past  by putting the future in debt to us

Writer and Historian, first Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, 15th Governor General of Canada, Born, Perth 1875


James King Annand Makars' Court

Makar James King Annand 1908 – 1993           

Inscription on slab Sing it aince for pleisure Sing it twice for joy 

Poet famous for children’s poems, Principal History Teacher, Editor, born in Edinburgh Christopher Murray Grieve 


Naomi Mitchison

Makar Naomi Mitchison 1897 – 1999

Novelist and Poet, Baroness, born in Edinburgh Inscription on slab Go back far enough and all humankind are cousins  

John Galt Makars' Court

Makar John Galt 1779 – 1839            

Inscription on slab Birr and smeddum                     

Writer, Novelist, founded the town of Guelph in Canada, born Irvine Ayrshire 1779


David Daiches Makars' Court

Makar David Daiches 1912 – 2002    

Author, Editor and authority on Scottish Literature, born in Sunderland 1912 lived his life in Edinburgh  Inscription on slab Bridge-building is my vocation

Violet Jacob Makars' Court

Makar Violet Jacob 1863 – 1946 

Novelist and Poet, born House of Dun, Montrose Inscription on slab THERE’S MUCKLE LYIN YONT THE TAY THAT’S MAIR TO ME NOR LIFE

Makar Hugh MacDiarmid 1892 – 1978 

Journalist, Author Poet, born Christopher Murray Grieve in Langholm, Scottish Borders 1892 Inscription on slab DRUMS IN THE WALLIGATE PIPES IN THE AIR THE WALLOPIN’ THISTLE IS ILL TO BEAR 

Makar Lady Culross, Elizabeth Melville  1578 – 1640 

Inscription on slab Though tyrants threat, though Lyons rage and rore Defy them all, and feare not to win out

Poet, First Scots woman to have printed works “Ane Godlie Dreame” 1603, Born, Collessie near Cupar Fife 

Makar Robert McLellan 1907 – 1985

Writer, Poet and Dramatist awarded O.B.E in 1978, born Clyde Valley near Lanark   Inscription on slab The pouer to bigg a braw warld in his brain craitur Marks man the only that can greit

George Buchanan Makars' Court

Makar George Buchanan 1506 – 1582

Teacher, Poet and the person that helped Elizabeth I in the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, Born, Killearn, Stirling 1506 Inscription on slab POPULO ENIM IVS EST VT IMPERIVM CVI VELIT DEFERA

Robert Garioch Sutherland

Makar Robert Garioch Sutherland 1909 – 1981

Poet, Author and School Teacher, born Robert Garioch Sutherland  Inscription on slab in simmer, whan a sorts foregether in Embro to the ploy.                                                                                                          

John Barbour Makars' Court

Makar John Barbour 1320 – 1395        

Poet, Archdeacon and supporter of King David II, First to write in Scots  language, born in Aberdeenshire  inscription on slab Fredome is a noble thing                       

Nan Shepherd Makars' Court

Makar Nan Shepherd  1893 -1891

English school teacher, Writer, Novelist and Poet, born Peterculter on the River Dee 1893.  Inscription on slab It’s a grand thing to get leave to live


Makar Robert Henryson 1425 – 1490

Inscription on slab Blissed be sempill lyfe withoutin dreid                                                                                    Poet, School teacher and law Advocate, born as record show he was at University in 1462 (students at University could be as young as 12)

Sorley MacLean Makars' Court

Makar Sorley MacLean    Somhairle MacGill-Eain 1911 – 1996  

School teacher and Poet son of a tailor, born Island of Raasay between Skye and main land Scotland  Inscription on slab nan robh againn Alba shaor Alba co-shinte ri ar gaol

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