Lawnmarket Royal Mile South Side

The Lawnmarket is between Castlehill and the Upper High Street and are both a part of the Royal Mile. The Lawnmarket was like a small town where all the tailors and cloth manufacturers sold their goods. The Southside had eight  close’s and for wynds. A Wynd was a narrow thoroughfare which in the Lawnmarket joined to the Cowgate. The Close’s lead to other close’s of courtyards. The five close’s that remain have all a story to be told.

Upper Bow Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Upper Bow was at one time the continuous street from the foot of Castlehill to the Grassmarket. Now only steps remain that joins the Upper Bow to the West Bow. The black line shows where the West Bow was and the dotted lines are how it is now.

 West Bow Steps leading to Upper Bow at the Lawnmarket and Castlehill   West Bow before and after Lawnmarket to Grassmarket

Johnston’s Close   Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

The first tenement after the west Bow before Riddle’s Land has no name. This was owned by Sir Patrick Johnston Lord provost and knight of the realm in 1700 and a member of parliament for the city in 1700 to 1710.  A Close would be named after the owner.  Also other names connected with the first Close of the Lawnmarket are Johnston Glover and Edward Johnston junior.

 Johnston's Close Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

Riddle’s Close and Court Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

Riddle’s (Riddell) Close and Court was originally Built on land owned by George Riddle (Riddell) where the name originates from. The Baillie John McMorran built a house on the land for himself in 1590. He was one of the wealthiest residents of Edinburgh at that time.

 royal mile lawnmarket riddle's court entry  Riddle's Court Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

Fisher’s Close Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

Fisher’s Close was named from Fisher’s Land owned by Thomas Fisher who built a tenement on the land circa 1600, previously owned by Thomas Cant. The Central Libraryalso stands on Fisher’s Land.

Fisher's Land and Close Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh   Fisher's Close Royal Mile Lawnmarket Edinburgh  

Brodie’s Close Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

William (Deacon) Brodie (28 September 1741 – 1 October 1788), more commonly known as Deacon Brodie lived in Brodie’s Close Edinburgh, where he also had his workshop. William Brodie was a Scottish cabinet maker and Deacon of trades (This is where the name Deacon came from). By day, William Brodie was a respectable tradesman, a Deacon and a member of the Edinburgh Town Council. When evening came he used his skills as a burglar. He designed and built the gallows that stood across from the present statue of David Hume. He was the first to be executed on them. 

 royal mile lawnmarket deacon brodie's mannequin  Brodie's Close Brodie's Close Royal Mile Lawnmarket Edinburgh  Deacon Brodie's House Brodie's Close Royal Mile Lawnmarket Edinburgh

Buchanan’s Close  Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

 Buchanan's Close Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh

   Buchanan's Close lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh  


The list below are the Close’s and Wynds that were demolished to make way for George IV Bridge.

Old Bank Close,  Gosford’s Close,  Liberton’s Wynd,  Turk’s Close,  Forrester’s Wynd,  Back of Bess Wynd,  Bess Wynd

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