Lawnmarket Lady Stair’s Close Royal Mile Edinburgh

 Lady Stair's Close Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh Inscription on plaque LADY STAIR'S CLOSE MANSION OF LADY STAIR RESTORED BY 5TH EARL OF ROSEBERY ONLY RELIC OF CLOSE WHERE IN TAVERN OF 1717 SIR RICHARD STEELE GAVE SUPPER TO COMPANY OF ECCENTRIC BEGGARS    Lady Stair's Close and Writers' Museum Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh    Lady Stair's House , The Writers' Museum Makars' Court Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh entrance from North Bank Street Edinburgh

  The Writers’ Museum Lady Stair’s House

The Writers’ Museum is housed in Lady Stair’s House which was built in 1622. This was originally called Lady Gray’s Close the widow of Lord William Gray who was the wealthiest merchant of the time. After his death the house was sold to the Earl of Stair and the house was renamed after his wife on his death Lady Stair’s House. The Writer’s Museum is dedicated to the lives and work of Scotland’s great literary figures. Rare collections include early editions, manuscripts, portraits, photographs, and personal belongings of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.

 Lady Stair's House , The Writers' Museum Makars' Court Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh   Lady Stair's House Makars' Court Lawnmarket Edinburgh 1622 year built 1897 restored by George Shaw Aitken   Lady Stair's Close and House Robert Burns Lived in Lawnmarket


Robert Burns Plaque Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh 

The Plaque above Lady Stair’s Close entrance reads; In a house on the east side of the close Robert Burns Lived during his first visit to Edinburgh 1786. The actual close Robert Burns Lived was called Hopper’s Close or Old Baxter’s Close but has not survived. The wall script on the tenement wall was saved when renovations were done circa 1990.

 Robert Burns Lawnmarket Royal Mile Edinburgh was when he was to first visit Edinburgh    Makars' Court Tenement wall Tablet


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