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Lauder Scottish Borders the area of Thirlestane Castle. This is where a Castle has stood since circa 1150 when the De Morville family resided here. Robert Maitland by marriage then becoming owner circa 1260 and the Maitland family remain owners and residents of Thirlestane Castle. The son of John Maitland became 1st Earl of Lauderdale in 1624. As most large Castles were situated a hamlet would grow (Lauder) and until it became a town or as Edinburgh a city. Lauder became a burgh circa 1480 and the confirmation of Lauder as a Burgh by Royal Charter was in 1502 by James IV.  This small market town was typical of a Scottish Market town with a tolbooth (administrative centre and Jail).

Lauder Market Cross

A market square and market cross where proclamations (news) would be read out to the towns folk. The Mercat Cross could be identified by a Unicorn on top which was the emblem of Scotland.

Lauder Mercat Cross

Thirlestane Castle

Thirlestane Castle is one of the oldest inhabited castles in Scotland.

Thirlestane Castle Gates Lauder

Thirlestane Castle