Johnston Terrace Edinburgh

Johnston Terrace Edinburgh starts at the junction Castlehill and the Lawnmarket on the Royal Mile Edinburgh and follows the curve of the Castle to the Kings Bridge which joins Old Edinburgh with New Edinburgh at Castle Terrace. Things to see are the view of Edinburgh Castle and the Half Moon Battery, the first Celtic Chapel and Gardens, where the Flodden Wall starts and continues down to the Grassmarket at Granny Green Steps, North Castle Wynd which are steps up to Edinburgh Castle, on the wall of Cannonball House the last building on the right at the top of the Castlehill North Wynd steps you can see a cannonball lodged in the wall, said to have been fired from Edinburgh Castle at advancing troops. Near to the Top of Castle Wynd South Steps(Patrick Geddes Steps) is the entrance to the Gardens and Celtic Chapel ruins.

 Johnston Terrace Edinburgh  The Flodden Wall started at David's Tower at Edinburgh Castle  Granny Green steps Johnston Terrace to Grassmarket Edinburgh

The first set of steps Castle Wynd North, from Castlehill Edinburgh just as you leave Edinburgh Castle Esplanade on your left end on Johnston Terrace. Cross the road and you will come to the next set of steps Castle Wynd South of Patrick Geddes Steps, these steps lead to the Grassmarket area

 Patrick Geddes steps to Grassmarket from Johnston Terrace Edinburgh

Gaelic Chapel Site

    Site of the First Gaelic Chapel Johnston Terrace Edinburgh 1769

On Johnston Terrace Edinburgh is the back of the Whisky Experience which was Castlehill School. The southern elevation of the Hub and Granny Green Steps which are in line with the old city wall (Flodden Wall) where you can see the carving on the building seen below. The plaque can bee found on the wall on the south side of Johnston Terrace Edinburgh

                                                 Castle Wynd South                         The Hub                          Castlehill School

   Patrick Geddes steps to Grassmarket from Johnston Terrace Edinburgh The Hub on the corner of Johnston Terrace and Castlehill The Edinburgh International Festival Offices Johnston Terrace Castlehill School The Scottish Whisky Experience entry by Castlehill Royal Mile Edinburgh   

                 Where the Flodden Wall (Old City Wall) Stood                                            The King’s Bridge

  House built on the Flodden Wall Johnstone Terrace   Wall Tablet Johnston Terrace where Flodden Wall Stood Erected on a site near the extremity of the ancient town wall built in the reign of James II King of Scots A.D. so for the protection of Edinburgh against Invasion   The king's Bridge connecting Johnston Terrace with Castle Terrace Edinburgh view from King Stable Road


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