Jeffrey Street Royal Mile Edinburgh

Jeffrey Street was built as an access to Market Street and the new Waverley Rail Station and was built on 10 arches and named after Lord Francis Jeffrey an Edinburgh gentleman born in Charles Street and died in Manor Place Edinburgh age 77 years. The Close’s of the High Street once ran to what was the Nor Loch before development of the lower part of the the High Street Closes and the construction of Jeffrey Street, which is built on a 16 arch bridge, the arches now have been developed into a mixture of retail premises which are shown in the picture with Jeffrey Street above the arches and joining Market Street near to the North Bridge which can be seen in the distance. There are great views of Calton hill from Jeffrey Street. With access to the High Street in the Royal Mile  by  Chalmer’s Close, Carrubber’s Close and North Gray’s Close.

 Jeffrey Street Royal Mile Edinburgh fro the Royal Mile to Market Street and the entrance to the Edinburgh Waverley Train Station   Jeffrey Street runs above the arches of East Market Street Edinburgh from Market Street to the Royal Mile Edinburgh

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