Heriot Place Edinburgh

Heriot Place Edinburgh is the site of the Telfer Wall which enclosed Heriot’s Hospital and joined the Flodden Wall which surrounded the City of Edinburgh. The Telfer Wall built by stone mason John Telfer hence the name of the wall. Heriot Place which runs from the back to front of Heriot’s School Grounds is an Alley for access to the Grassmarket and a door in the wall to the school. The School was built over a 30 year period circa 1630 – 60 but had been in use before completion. Heriots Hospital an old scottish name for a boarding school was occupied by Oliver Cromwell’ s army and cavelry in the invasion of Scotland in 1650 (The 3rd Civil War). It was used as barracks and stables. 

Heriot Place looking North West to Edinburgh Castle with the Telfer Wall From the Vennel to Lauriston Place Edinburgh  

 The Vennel Telfer Wall with view of Edinburgh Castle  Telfer Wall Heriot Place and  Lauriston Place Edinburgh   


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