Hanover Street Edinburgh

Hanover Street is in the centre of princes street going north with retail shopping, restaurants, pubs and night clubs originally residential with a number of businesses. Hanover Street was named by King George III after the Royal House of Hanover. King George IV stands looking down Hanover Street in Highland Dress a stipulation made by Sir Walter Scott when he invited the king to Edinburgh in 1822. Hanover Street starts at Princes Street and ends at Queen Street.

Hanover Street Edinburgh

Alexander Bain Electric Clock and Telegraph Inventor.

Alexander Bain had a workshop at 21 Hanover Street Edinburgh for circa 4 years from 1844, with inventions of the chemical telegraph and electric fire alarms and the electric clock which he patented in 1841. 


   Alexander Bain Plaque 


The Merchant’s Hall Hanover Street Edinburgh

Merchant Company of Edinburgh

The Merchant Company of Edinburgh was established in 1681. The previous name was the Guildry before it became a society. Their first meeting hall was in the Cowgate Edinburgh and they then moved to Hunter Square before moving to its final home of Hanover Street. The Merchant Company was a watch dog for Edinburgh looking after the concerns and needs of the people. Over time the wealthy would leave their estates to be administered by the Merchant company by way of a trust.This resulted in with well judged investments the Merchant Company become the largest land owners in Scotland. The Merchant company in 1694 with a donation from Mary Erskine a widow, which established Mary Erskine School. With other donations and bequests and trusts, further education facilities were opened, George Watson’s College in 1741, George Watson was an accountant, and merchant banker and the first accountant of the Bank of Scotland, James Gillespie’s High School in 1803, James Gillespie was a local Tobacconist in the High Street Edinburgh and Daniel Stewart held an appointment in the Court of Exchequer, Daniel Stewart’s College in 1855 which is now esms (Erskine, Stewart, Melville Schools). John Watson’s School in built in 1828 at 75 Belford Road next to the Dean Cemetery. The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce was established as an off shoot of the Merchant’s Society of Edinburgh in 1786.

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