Gullan’s Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

Gullane's Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

Gullan’s Close at the side of the White Horse Inn was the fourth close on the south side of the Canongate prior to 1869  when the First three close’s of the Canongate were demolished under the improvement Act of 1867 replaced by a tenement. Gullan’s Close was previously Halliburton’s Close and James Boyd the Innkeeper owned property on the west side of Halliburton’s Close(White Horse Inn)  (James Boyd the Innkeeper was a gambler and was about to lose everything when he had good fortune with a run of winnings on a white Horse hence where the name The White Horse Inn derived). The White Horse Inn was also famous for runaway couples from England that wished to marry. It was also the Start and finish to the coach trip to and from London. Gullan’s Close named after James Gullan who had stables led to the Stables where the coaches and Horses for the London coach journey where stabled. (100 horses and 20 carriages). 

White Horse Tavern Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

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