Great King Street Edinburgh

Sir William Allan

Sir William Allan was born in Edinburgh in 1872 and became a world renowned artist. He was the president of the Royal Scottish Academy and  Royal Academician.  A few of his works include; The Murder of David Rizzio, Sir Walter Scott, The Signing of the National Covenant in Greyfriars Kirkyard, The Battle of Waterloo 

  Sir William Allan House Great King Street Edinburgh  William Allan Plaque Great King Street Edinburgh 

Felix Yaniewiscz

Felix Yaniewiscz was a Polish violinist and composer. He was born in 1762. He moved to Edinburgh in 1815 and co-organiser the first Edinburgh Music Festival and lived in Great King Street from 1823 till his death in May 1848. 

 Felix Yaniewicz House  Felix Yaniewicz Violinist and Composer organizer of Music Festival in Edinburgh

Sir J M B Barry

Sir J M Barrie was famous for his his book Peter Pan. James Matthew Barrie graduated from Edinburgh University in 1882. Historically his character Peter Pan must be known by more people worldwide than any other character. He spent many years in Edinburgh. He was the Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh for the last years of his life from 1930 – 1937.

Sir J M Barrie Plaque Great King Street Edinburgh

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