Gladstone’s Court Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh

royal mile canongate gladstone court edinburgh

Gladstone Court was previously Bowling Green Close as a Bowling Green was through the archway. Later Magdalene Asylum was built where the Bowling Green was. Magdalene Asylum was for fallen women of Edinburgh. The area name was known as Magdalene’s Entry.  Magdalene Asylum then moved to the west of Edinburgh in 1842. (now Springwell House). It was renamed in honour of the Prime Minister William E Gladstone who was the Prime Minister of Britain on four occasions. There is also a memorial statue in Coates Crescent Garden and a street on the south side near The Meadows (Gladstone Terrace).

 Gladstone's Close Canongate Royal Mile Edinburgh   William E Gladstone Memorial Coates Crescent Garden Edinburgh

Gladstone’s Memorial was originally in St Andrew Square in 1917 and then moved to its present position in 1955

The Gladstone Memorial stands in Coates Crescent of Shandwick Place at the west end of Princes Street at the tram stop. The memorial shows William Gladstone surrounded by women. The monument was constructed in 1917 and originally stood in St Andrew Square and was moved to Coates Crescent Gardens in 1955. Gladstone was a very important public figure in Britain. Born in 1809 Gladstone served as Prime Minister for four terms, being appointed to the post on 1868, 1880, 1886, and 1892. Gladstone founded a church foundation to help women prostitutes. He was affectionately known as the ‘Grand Old Man’ by his many supporters and as ‘God’s Only Mistake’ by his enemies, especially Benjamin Disraeli, the then leader of the Conservative Party. 

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