Frederick Street Edinburgh

Frederick Street runs North to south crossing George Street starting at Princes Street and ending at Queen Street. Named after King George III father Frederick. there are retail shops. pubs, night clubs, restaurants and residences. At the junction of George street a statue of William Pitt the Younger Prime Minister of Britain.  The junction with Princes Street and Frederick Street is the best place for a picture of the Edinburgh Castle. The Cavalryman and Horse on the Princes Street Gardens side at the foot of Frederick Street is a memorial to the Scots Grey Dragoon Guards.

    Edinburgh Castle and Scots Greys Monument from foot of Frederick Street Edinburgh

 William Pitt the Younger

  William Pitt (28 May 1759 – 23 January 1806) was a Tory politician and is the youngest Prime Minister that has served in Great Britain at the age 24. William Pitt the younger’s father, William Pitt the Elder, also served as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1766. William Pitt used the younger to differentiate between himself and his father. William Pitt was prime minister at the time of the war with France and he was also friends with William Wilberforce and encouraged him to fight to abolish the slave trade in Britain, which he was successful in doing. Unfortunately, it was one year after William Pitt’s death that by act of parliament The Slave Trade Act of 1807 was agreed.Pitt the Younger 4 times Prime Minister of Britain at junction of Frederick Street and George Street Edinburgh

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