Forrest Road Edinburgh

Odd Fellows Hall 

The Odd fellows Hall was built in 1873, Oddfellows Hall on Forrest Road was the central gathering point for the local members of the Oddfellows Order. The odd fellows was a friendly society which is still in existence thought to have started circa mid-1700.  The Oddfellows Hall was the first meeting place for the order in Edinburgh.

 Oddfellows Hall Forrest Road Edinburgh         Oddfellows Hall Forret Road Edinburgh Plaque above door

Flodden Wall Plaque 

The Flodden Wall was built to protect the city from invading armies after the battle of Flodden when the English delt out a heavy defeat to the Scots.This plaque was laced where the wall would have stood near to the Bristo Port (Gate) one of the entrances into the City.

Flodden Wall Plaque Forrest Road Edinburgh


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