Forfar Angus Attractions

Forfar Angus attractions home to the Forfar Bridie and the Forfar witch hunts. Forfar being the central area of the ancient pictish kingdom. The Picts (meaning “painted people”) were the warriors who painted their bodies with blue wode and stopped the Romans on their conquest of the world. The truth is the Picts were the descendents of the native Iron Age inhabitants of northern Scotland. The earliest writings of the Picts date from 297 AD. Back to the Bridie, A Forfar Bridie is a horseshoe shaped shortcrust pastry with a filling of beef, onions and seasoning.  The origins are unclear but a story is that it was named after Margaret Bridie of Glamis, would sold the meat pie at the Buttermarket in Forfar in the 19h century. To get the real Forfar Bridie you will have to visit James McLaren & Son who have been making Forfar Bridies since 1893. The present owner, William McLaren, is the great grandson of the firm’s founder James McLaren.

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