Footgolf Experience Edinburgh

Footgolf Experience Edinburgh The rules and how to play footgolf is not dissimilar to the original rues of golf. You kick the ball towards the hole, wait till it is stationary, (wind is part of the game) if there is an obstruction anywhere it is not allowed to be moved (except opponents ball) furthest from hole kicks first. Least kicks to get into hole wins hole lowest overall amount of kicks after all holes winner. No cleaning ball except on green. If in water one penalty remove ball from where entred water within 2 steps or back to where you kicked it from to go into water.  This is a great fun game for all ages, go in a group and be the footgolf champion.   


Footgolf Swanston New Golf Course Swanston Road    Edinburgh      EH10 7DS      0131 445 2239
Footgolf  Cluny Mains Golf Course, Cluny Mains   Kirkcaldy KY2 6QU  01592 720374
Footgolf  Vogrie Golf Course  Vogrie Country Park    Gorebridge  EH234NU  0800 689 9552

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