Elie in the East Neuk of Fife 

The Elie Ness lighthouse has beamed a light from October 1908.

The village has a Parish Church since 1639. The tower was added in 1726, with its unique clock faces, only having three faces because when it was built there were no houses north of the church.

Suacher Point, Lady’s Tower the sad story of a beautiful lady who drown on her morning swim.
Lady Anstruther would bathe naked in the waters of Ruby Bay each morning and ensure no one would be embarrassed she had a servant ring a bell through the village to let everyone know she was swimming. The Tower was built in 1760 on the head land to allow her to undress and dress.

In the Church there is a memorial tablet to James Horsburgh FRS, who was born in Elie in September 1762 and drew route maps of the seas around India and Singapore for the East India Company who he worked for. His birthplace plaque at 18 Bank Street Elie.