Edzell Attractions Scotland

Edzell Attractions in Edzell village in Angus are an old Castle Ruin for everyone to explore. This was where the original village stood of which only part of the church remains. The present Edzell was actually a village called Slateford as you arrive you will pass under the Dalhousie Arch (erected 1887) the gateway to the village. This village is a step back in time and only gained mains electricity in 1936. The Airfield became a major US Navy base in 1960 but closed in 1997. With its many unique shops and small local eateries Edzell is not a place to pass but to stop and visit. 

Edzell Attractions

Dalhousie Arch after 13th Earl of Dalhousie                                           Edzell Castle Ruins                                              Edzell Parish Church                               

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