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Edinburgh Tours Direct Real Mary King’s Close

Edinburgh tours direct. First of all book your walking tour of Real Mary King’s Close and walk in the footsteps of people that lived 400 years ago. Also look back in time and see the streets of old Edinburgh beneath the present streets. The present pavements hide the old streets and houses. A true ghost tour of real streets and houses of the 1700’s. Finally experience what life was like in the days of the plague and no NHS.

 Edinburgh tours direct Real Mary King's Close High Street Royal Mile Edinburgh 

Scottish Whisky Tours Edinburgh Tours Direct 

Another Edinburgh tour direct with the provider is the Scottish Whisky Experience. First they will take you around the exhibition and give you a history of Scottish Whisky how it is made. Then try some whisky. There is also Glenkinchie Distillery in East Lothian where you can tour the distillery. See whisky being made and taste the product and buy from the original source. Free bus from Edinburgh in the tour price. 

 Edinburgh tours direct The Scotch Whisky Experience     Edinburgh Tours Direct Glenkinchie Distillery

Edinburgh Tours Direct Rosslyn Chapel

Don’t miss Rosslyn Chapel made even more famous as the place in the Da Vinci Code. The Holy Grail and the secrets of the Knights Templar. Listen to the guide tell you about the Chapel and its secrets.  Finally walk around the inside and outside of this amazing place. A short walk from the Rosslyn Chapel is the ruins of Roslin Castle.

 Edinburgh tours Direct Rosslyn Chapel  Edinburgh Tours Direct Roslin Castle

 Royal Yacht Britannia Edinburgh Tours Direct

Another attraction which is also unmissable when visiting Edinburgh is the Royal Yacht Britannia. The Royal yacht is moor at ocean terminal 3 miles (5 klm) from the city centre. Go on board the yacht Queen Elizabeth II and her family spent many years touring the world. visit her bedroom and dining room or treat yourself to a meal on board. A palace on the water.

 Edinburgh tours direct Royal Yacht Britannia  Edinburgh Tours Direct Royal Yacht Britannia

Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Tours Direct 

First of all when you visit Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle must be one of the top places for you to visit. See the Scottish crown jewels, Mons meg and at One O’clock. See and hear the famous One O’clock Gun being fired.  Finally, Edinburgh Castle’s Great Hall, Royal Palace, Saint Margaret’s Chapel and the regimental museums.

 Edinburgh tours direct Edinburgh Castle    Edinburgh tours direct One O'clock Gun Edinburgh Castle

The Palace of Holyrood House Edinburgh Tours Direct 

The Palace of Holyrood House. First of all this is Queen Elizabeth II’s royal residence when in Edinburgh. also when the Queen visits the royal standard flies from the flagpole. The Royal Palace of Holyrood House is open to the public. The Holyrood House with a long history of Kings and Queens, famous deaths and ghost stories.The palace being burnt down by Cromwell’s troops. Finally, visit Holyrood Abbey where the monks started the first school recorded in history.

 Edinburgh Direct Tours Palace of Holyrood House Edinburgh  Edinburgh Tours Direct Holyrood Abbey

Edinburgh Tours Direct Gladstone’s Land

The best way to tour Scotland is by hired car and spend time in the places that you would most like to see. The time is your own without the constraints of “the bus is now leaving”. Furthermore, areas of Scotland that have attractions and stunning scenery, castles and palaces can be found in. East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian, South Queensferry and Fife. All within one hour of Edinburgh. Finally, Perth and Kinross, Highlands, Islands, Orkney, Shetland, Argyll, Dumfries and Galloway, Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannan.  Hire (rent) a car all car rental firms are listed.

Gladstone’s Land a tenement where many families lived. This build was built circa 1600 named after the merchant who lived here Thomas Gladstone. There was two shop on the ground floor and a tavern which was in the basement area. Finally see the ancient furnishings and living area.  

  Edinburgh Tours Direct Gladstone's Land  Edinburgh Tours Direct Gladstone's Land

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