Edinburgh Old Town 

Edinburgh old Town began as a few houses built on the slops to Edinburgh Castle  and slowly more and more people came to live on the slop to the castle for security against invaders. As the Town grew more and more houses were built and the area from the castle down the main slop took shape as the town. the first wall was built around the houses circa 1450 to protect the residents. In 1514 after the massacre at Flodden in Northumberland at the hands of the English a larger wall was built (The Flodden Wall) which parts of still remain standing in their original position.The original old town was within the Flodden Wall. The Wall started at the halfmoon battery and ended at the Trinity College Church at the side of the Nor Loch. The Wall protected the city from invaders from the south, west and east, and the Nor Loch and castle rock protected from the North. The Nor Loch covered the area from St Cuthbert’s Church in the west to the Trinity College Church in the east (where Princes Street gardens and the Waverley rail station are today). The Loch was drained and a canal was under construction from Mach in 1776. The original draining of the loch began much earlier and the area was marshland and a bog for a long period of time before it was worked on to clear the waste and reduce the smells and diseases caused by the area. A canal was built at the east end of the Nor Loch to the sea (which was much closer at Greenside at the base of the Calton Hill). The original name of Waverley Rail Station was Canal Street Station and was renamed after Walter Scott’s Waverley novels. The Old Town wall can be seen on the map below marked with a black line a small part was added to surround the Heriot’s Hospital (School) three lines on south west off wall and the blue line is where the Nor Loch covered.  

 royal mile Edinburgh Old Town typical tenement building from 17th century  royal mile Edinburgh Old Town typical tenement building from 17th century

The map below is of all the things to look out for when in the Royal Mile and Old Edinburgh. 

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