Edinburgh Old and New Map

The points on the map show where all the monuments, plaques, Statues, Historic buildings and places of interest can be found. Each point opens up when clicked to reveal what you can see with a link to more detailed history. To define the old and New Town it is easier to say inside the Old (Flodden Wall) City Wall and outside the Old (Flodden Wall) City Wall. As the Old Town was a very small area of Edinburgh as it is now. The Old Town was from Edinburgh Castle to S t Mary’s Wynd (Street) with all the close’s branching off the main street which was Castlehill, Lawnmarket, and the High Street approximately 0.6 mile (1 km). The (Flodden Wall) Old City Wall is marked as a black line on the map with the open area to the north where the Nor Loch once covered the land between the ends of the wall in the east and west, where Princes Street, Princes Street Gardens and Waverley station are now.

See Royal Mile Map for detailed Royal Mile attractions.

Link to Edinburgh Old Town