Edinburgh New Town North

Edinburgh New Town North is the area at the top of the map above the shaded area. Edinburgh New Town was originally three main streets Princes Street, George Street and Queen Street with a number of streets crossing them plus a smaller street running parallel between Princes Street and George Street and George Street and Queen Street, with a square at each end of George Street. The gardens on the north side of Queen Street were the last planned build of the new town. Due to overcrowding of Old Edinburgh and the Canongate, houses were being built to the north south and west of the New Town. This shows by the number of people and streets with important residents. With Dundas Street a continuation of Hanover Street, Howe Street a Continuation of Frederick Street and streets running east to west across them the city was taking shape. In the west a new station was built Haymarket and the north Stockbridge and Broughton areas. The wealthy and the residents of note were making their homes James Maxwell, James Simpson, , Henry Dundas, Robert Stevenson, John Lockhart, Arthur Doyle, Paul and Jean Harris and many more have had plaques put up outside where they lived or were born.  

Other streets that have had famous residents or there are things to see in north of Edinburgh’s new town see; plaques of Edinburgh  where there are over 100 plaques to famous people that came from Edinburgh or lived their life in Edinburgh.  


Gloucester Place, Doune Terrace, Gloucester Lane, Saunders Street, Circus Place, Raeburn Place, Comely Bank, Silvermills, St Stephens, Henderson Row  Sir Henry Raeburn was born and died in Stockbridge with the main thoroughfare named after him (Reaburn Place).


 STOCKBRIDGE North New Town Edinburgh  Sir Henry Raeburn of Stockbridge


Melville Crescent, Melville Street, Walker Street, Rothesay Crescent, Coates Crescent, Palmerston Place, Chester Street and Eglinton Crescent.

  St Mary's Cathedral West of New Town Edinburgh   Viscount Melville Haymarket area Edinburgh new town north west  


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