Edinburgh Golf Courses

Edinburgh Golf Courses are all available to play from the first golf course of the world at Bruntsfield Links (short hole course free to play), to the oldest Golf society at the Royal Burgess Golf Course (incorporated 1735). Below are all the contact details of the Edinburgh golf courses with there web sites from the parkland courses to the coastal courses there are challenges for all standard of golfer with all the golf courses with facilities for men women and children.

Edinburgh Golf Courses Contact Details

Dalmahoy East Golf Course  A71 Calder Road Edinburgh EH27 8EB 0131 333 1845 golf@dalmahoyhotelandcountryclub.co.uk www.dalmahoyhotelandcountryclub.co.uk
Dalmahoy West Golf Course    A71 Calder Road Edinburgh EH27 8EB 0131 333 1845 golf@dalmahoyhotelandcountryclub.co.uk  www.dalmahoyhotelandcountryclub.co.uk
Baberton Golf Course Baberton Avenue  Edinburgh EH14 5DU 0131 453 4911 manager@baberton.co.uk                      www.baberton.co.uk
Bruntsfield Links Golf Course Barnton Avenue  Edinburgh EH4 6JH 0131 336 1479 secretary@bruntsfield.sol.co.uk             www.bruntsfield.co.uk
Braid Hills Golf Course  Braidhills Approach Edinburgh EH10 6JY  07751 307086 secretary@ewgc.org.uk . www.ewgc.co.uk
Braid Hills Golf Course  Braidhills Approach Edinburgh EH10 6JY 07541 136133   www.braids-united.co.uk
Braid Hills Golf Course  Braid Hills Approach Edinburgh EH10 6JY 0131 447 9929 harrisongolfclub@gmail.com www.harrisongolfclub.org.uk
Mortonhall  Golf Course Braid Road           Edinburgh EH10 6PB 0131 447 6974 info@mortonhallgc.co.uk                  www.mortonhallgc.co.uk
Braid hills Golf Course Braidhills Approach Edinburgh EH10 6JY 0131 447 6666 golf@edinburghleisure.co.uk                  www.edinburghleisure.co.uk                 
Braidhills Princes Golf Course BraidHills Drive Edinburgh EH10 6JY  0131 447 3568 golf@edinburghleisure.co.uk               www.edinburghleisure.co.uk                 
Merchants Golf Course   Craighill Gardens Edinburgh EH10 5PY 0131 447 1219 admin@merchantsgolf.com                www.merchantsgolf.com
Duddingston  Golf Course Duddingston Road West Edinburgh EH15 3QD 0131 661 4301 admin@duddingstongolf.co.uk             www.duddingstongolfclub.co.uk
Craigentinny Golf Course  Fillyside Road Edinburgh EH7 6RG  0131 554 7501 golf@edinburghleisure.co.uk                  www.edinburghleisure.co.uk                 
Liberton Golf Course Gilmerton Road Edinburgh EH16 5UJ  0131 664 3009 info@libertongc.co.uk www.libertongc.com
Carrickknowe Golf Course  Glendevon Park Edinburgh EH12 5XB‎ 0131 337 1096 golf@edinburghleisure.co.uk                  www.edinburghleisure.co.uk                 
Kingsknowe Golf Course Lanark Road Edinburgh EH14 2JD 0131 441 4030 louis@kingsknowe.com  www.kingsknowe.com
Murrayfield Golf Course Murrayfield Road Edinburgh EH12 6EU 0131 337 3478 manager@murrayfieldgolfclub.co.uk www.murrayfieldgolfclub.co.uk
Craigmillar Park Golf Course Observatory Road Edinburgh EH9 3HG  0131 667 0047 secretary@craigmillarpark.co.uk            www.craigmillarpark.co.uk
Prestonfield Golf Course Priestfield Road North Edinburgh EH16 5HS 0131 667 8597 gavincook@prestonfieldgolf.com      www.prestonfieldgolf.com
Ratho Park Golf Course Ratho Park Road  Edinburgh EH28 8NX 0131 335 0068 secretary@rathoparkgolfclub.com          www.rathoparkgolfclub.com
Ravelston Golf Course Ravelston Dykes Road Edinburgh EH4 3NZ 0131 315 2486 ravelstongc@hotmail.com                    www.hotmail.com
Gogarburn Golf Course Roddinlaw Roa Edinburgh EH28 8NN 0131 333 4718 enquiries@gogarburngc.co.uk               www.gogarburngc.com
Silverknowes Golf Course Silverknowes Road Edinburgh EH4 5ET 0131 336 3843 info.silverknowes@edinburghleisure.co.uk www.edinburghleisure.co.uk                 
Portobello  Golf Course   Stanley Street  Edinburgh EH15 1JJ  0131 669 4361 info.portobello@edinburghleisure.co.uk www.portobello.edinburghleisure.co.uk
Swanston New Golf Course Swanston Road    Edinburgh EH10 7DS 0131 445 2239 shop@swanston.co.uk                           www.swanstongolf.co.uk
Turnhouse Golf Course Turnhouse Road  Edinburgh EH12 0AD 0131 339 1014 info@turnhousegc.com                           www.turnhousegc.com
Royal Burgess Golf Course Whitehouse Road Edinburgh EH4 6BU 0131 339 2075 secretary@royalburgess.co.uk                www.royalburgess.co.uk
Dundas Parks Golf Course Kirkliston Road Edinburgh EH30 9SS 0131 331 4252 Headgreenkeeper@dundasparksgolf.co.uk www.dundasparksgolf.co.uk


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