East Linton East Lothian Scotland

East Linton is a beautiful small village just of the A199 or A1 beside the River Tyne. On the north side of the A1 is where you will find the village and Preston Mill on the south side is where you will find Hailes Castle. In the centre of the village is a water fountain with cherubs and lights. The old parish church dates from circa 1770 with parts from the original church circa 1250. The Castle has been on this site circa 1240 the owner the Gourlay family from Northumbria lived here a n well heeled family of the day. The Castle then became the Hepburn family seat for the the next century before it was put to siege by Archibald Dunbar who killed all within the Castle. Mary Queen of Scots stayed here 1567, Cromwell attacked and  damaged the Castle in 1650 and lived in by the Dalrymple Family before moving to a mansion house near Musselburgh in 1709 to which they called Newhailes after their estate and Castle at East Linton.


Hailes Castle was originally founded as a fortified tower house in 1240, one of the oldest constructions of its kind still in existence in Scotland. The castle stands on a headland beside the River Tyne. Also you can see Traprain Law the site of the largest Roman treasure found outside Rome. This is also thought to be a site of a Roman Fort. 

 Hailes Castle East Linton East Lothian  Hailes Castle East Linton East Lothian  Hailes Castle East Linton East Lothian



The Preston mill has stood on this site since circa 1590 and was still in use until 1959. This is the best example of a meal mill from the 16th century in Scotland. Preston Mill’s machinery is still in working order. It is situated close to the River Tyne near the village of East Linton in East Lothian.
There are tours that give a great idea of the conditions of the time and how things work.

 Preston Mill East Linton East Lothian   Preston Mill East Linton East Lothian

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